Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Good Servant of Jesus Christ

In 1Timothy 4, Paul instructs Timothy on how to be a good servant of Jesus Christ.  Here we find some helpful insight for ourselves in being a good servant of Jesus. 
1.      Instruct the brethren in the truth (v. 6)
2.      We need to continually be in God’s word so that we can be nourished (v.6)
3.      We need to carefully follow Jesus’ teachings (v.6) No matter what someone says or how good it may seem, if it’s not the word of God, don’t do it.  Follow the teachings carefully.
4.      Reject false information and practices (v.7)
5.      Exercise yourself toward godliness (v.7)  If you’re not going toward godliness then you are going away from it.
6.      Get a physical work out (v.8).  This helps keep the body in shape, but more importantly, put more emphasis on your godliness because it is profitable in all things.  This means however much time you put into physical exercise, you should at least double that for exercising godliness.
7.      Keep going! (v.10).  Never, ever, ever, stop serving Christ!

8.      Teach others these things!  

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