Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Recipe for Growing the Church

In Acts 2 we have the beginnings of the New Testament church.  Right here it shows us how we can grow the kingdom of God. Here is the recipe given for how to grow the church:

1. 1 Cup of encouragement & 1 Cup of the hope of salvation (Acts 2:40).
2. Submerge a person underwater and immediately raise up saved (Acts 2:41).
3. Mix together people for fellowship, continue adding doctrine and prayers (Acts 2:42).
4. Add a handful of the fear of God (Acts 2:43)
5. Combine all things together and distribute evenly (Acts 2:44)
6. Knead Christians by meeting together, eating together, and constant contact with one another (Acts 2:46)
7. 1 Heart full of praise for God & a coating of favor with all people (Acts 2:47)

Let us be a part of the Lord's church. Let's grow!

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